Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Two Fashionistas

As everyone knows, Esmé is THE premiere Puppy Fashionista. The girls were getting ready to go out today, and Dolly REFUSED to wear the exact same outfit that she wore yesterday. We scrounged around, but none of Esmé’s clean clothes fit her. **sigh** Wait… wait… WAIT! Tara made Dolly a pink and black boustier. It didn’t exactly match her brown dress, so we turned it inside out and VOILÁ! Instant new outfit. Crisis averted. **woooo hooo**  Instant Dolly Fashionista.

We started off by going downtown. Esmé introduced Dolly to her friend Sparky. Sparky is VERY famous in Columbia among the doggy set.

He has his very own homemade ice cream shop… Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream... and dogs are welcome to come in, too! They even get their own free ice cream. Of course we had to go inside. We even saw a couple of my story time kids. The girls got a lot of attention… of course.

Heat index was 102° so we spent some time inside. My washer broke a last week, so Dolly thought she would help me find a new one. Dolly liked this one. She admitted last night that she also has a MASSIVE crush on Peyton Manning. She CLAIMS it’s only a coincidence that it’s also Colts blue....

Apparently Dolly also shares my addiction to Dr. Pepper. We stopped at Sonic since they are dog friendly and she quickly gulped down a large.  PAM:  I SWEAR that I made her brush her teeth twice after we got home.  It's not my fault if she gets cavities.

The girls caught some rays while I finished my lunch.  No fear.  They both wore sunscreen.  Neither one of them want wrinkles before they turn 5.

The day didn't end there.  We also attended a doggy birthday party and a trip to Shelter Gardens. But the girls are getting a little tired, so we'll have to save those tales for tomorrow.  
Stay tuned for more Dolly fun....


Pam on June 22, 2010 at 1:00 PM said...

You and the kids have so much're wearing me out. lol

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