Saturday, July 31, 2010

Can You Help Me Now?

I've gotten calls from several states away before..., but from the half way around the world???

Glad to know librarians have my back in case the need arises....

Monday, July 19, 2010

PROTEST: Library Commercial SANS Moi

I am OFFICIALLY jealous! 

I am DENIED my inalienable right to star in a silly library commercial... and then they put a serious one up on YouTube.  **sigh**   I'm feeling a little unloved here people. A little unloved.

Does anyone else have flashbacks of Pigeon upon seeing Hilary behind the wheel???

My ONLY consolation.... At the time of this posting, MY library YouTube video has more viewings than Jr. Now I'm SURE that if a certain library director would have asked me to do the Banana Chant while wearing a pink boa in the Jr. video, it would have gone viral by now.  **grumbles**  

Maybe next time, they'll learn. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dolly’s Been Kidnapped

Thursday night Ruby went home and told her mom Luna and dad Cole about how much fun she had with Dolly. (She left out the Dolly thinking she's a horsey bit. No kid wants to shock her parents that much.) So Kirsten invited Dolly and Esmé over for a doggy play date.

I SWEAR Kirsten and I only had our backs turned a minute and Dolly, Cole, and Luna were all gone. Only a crumpled note remained….
We have Dolly. She will make a lovely squeaky toy if our demands are not met. Bring several dog treats, a feather boa, a sequined gown (German Shepherd size), 3 new squeaky balls, and a lot of cash to the back fence by high noon. If our demands are not met, Dolly becomes a squeaky toy. See enclosed picture to see we mean business.

Of course we had to pay the ransom… even as high as it was. Pam would kill me if anything happened to her baby. It took awhile (as Esmé didn't have any sequined gowns that would fit Luna) and we had to make homemade dog treats (not just any old treats would do). We made the drop point with only minutes to spare.

What Cole and Luna didn't know… Esmé's a member of the CCP (Canine Citizen's Patrol). She takes her job very seriously… and had to haul her friend Cole to doggy jail. Unfortunately, Luna escaped, but we have every reason to believe she will be apprehended soon.

Dolly, relieved to be safe again, had a long chat with Mr. Bill. (I know. She's a little young to flirt, but it was a rough morning for her….)

Dolly's calmness didn't last for long. She was soon back to her old antics. (I'll spare you the details.) Let's just say that Dolly, too, spent a little time in the slammer. Luckily Kirsten had a pair of handcuffs just Dolly's size. They're currently with Dolly's traveling luggage in case the next host families need to restrain her, too….

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