Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bibliocommons : Social Media for Libraries

I'm all about social media.  How else would the world over know about my facinating lifestyle here in the children's library??? 
  • Without my blog, how would my friend Diane in NY know about my crazy (and rythmicly challenged) co-workers???  
  • Don't Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus - Plush Stuffed Animals (with Voice)Twitter reassures me that the roads are safe & Pigeon has not found a way to steal a bus (yet). 
  • Without social media, it would never have made it all over the library yesterday that I had somehow stabbed myself through my leg and was knocking at Death's Door.  (Rumor mills are funny.  Throw in social media, and it can be worse than those old telephone party lines.)  I'm fine BTW.
I digress.  Point being, social media has played a major function in the lives of nearly everyone in the US. 

I have been a long time fan of LibraryThing and have expiremented with similar programs on Facebook.  The new Bibliocommons tends to be a cross between several of them.  Always good when libraries step into the main stream.  =0)

So.... my FAVORITE things about the new catalog....
  • You can hit the back button without messing up your searches.  Really.  The best thing EVER!!!
  • Making lists. Anyone who knows me can attest to my love of lists.  If you find something DBRL doesn't own & another one does, you can add it as well as websites.  Now if they will only let me add photos....
  • Being able to keep track of my collection. 
  • Adding notes, comments,....  I get to be a critic.  Twilight got 1/2 out of 5 stars.  Mwah ha ha.
Things I wish it had, but doesn't....
  • Avatars.  Esme is my avatar for almost everything, and this would be another great way for people all over Mid-MO (and the world) to learn just how cute she is.
  • Profiles.  Ok, I admit, I like to read people's profiles.  Even if it is only a line or two.  It lets you know what the person is all about, what the like to read, etc. Me for instance.  My Blogger profile reads: I'm silly, and I like to randomly break out into song and dance. That's all you need to know. **grin**  I'm sure most of you will agree that just about sums me up.
PS... Don't forget to do the Scavenger Hunt.  A drawing will be held for all those who participate, and a few lucky winners will get restaurant gift certificates.  Who doesn't love food?

Friday, January 22, 2010


Apparently we ROCK!  An anonymous patron left the following message on the white board in Study Room 2....

... and I didn't even have to bribe them.  =0)

Hmmmm.... Wonder if they, too, will nominate me for the coveted award....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fan Mail

Today I got fan mail from the children I toured last week... the same ones who now think all the cookies and donuts at the coffee shop are free.  (See What We Say, What Kids Hear.)  I love getting fan mail from the kids.  They always make one smile.  But this one really made me laugh....

PS I hope I don't get fired, too!  =0)

Hmmm, maybe she would be willing to nominate me for the I Love My Librarian Award....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What We Say, and What Kids Hear =0)

So today on a kids tour of the library, I had a couple of kids who asked specific questions about how the library is funded and why it is free. I explained that everything is free because parents and grandparents and teachers pay for the library with taxes.

I saw Mrs. Patel (the owner of the coffee kiosk in the lobby) a few hours later. She said that she always listens to the tours when we come by and likes to hear what we have to say. She said that today when I was turning around from answering questions, several of the kids turned to the coffeee kiosk with grins on their faces. The teacher started waving her hands like no no no. Both Mr. and Mrs. Patel got a good kick out of it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Are You a Gorgeous Librarian?

Las Vegas really knows how to make their librarians feel loved.  Check out this sign from The Library in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Dearest of Blog Readers

Barbie I Can Be ¿ Rock Star DollYou may remember a recent blog post where a certain Brandy proclaimed my excellence and named me, **tear** yes, ME dear readers, a ROCK STAR! Of course, I humbly acknowledge this as fact.

A few days ago, Brandy again reached out and asked that I use my Super Rock Star status for the good of librarians everywhere. She pleaded that I find at least 3 library related sites that can help them, too, try and achieve my level of greatness. I spent HOURS searching the web over for the best of the best to help my para and pro colleagues in their hour of need.  For easiest of access, please remember to add each of these sites to your RSS Reader.  From them, you shall gain more leanring than all of your years combined of library science classes. 

Reader's Advisory: An Unshelved CollectionIf colleagues proclaim shock upon you cracking more than one joke per week, proceed to check out Dewey's pearls of wisdom IMMEDIATELY.  This teen services librarian shows the lighter side of the library world.

Fashionista WigAre you stuck in a fashion rut?  Is your closet filled with old cardigans and tasselled loafers?  Do people know that you're a librarian without even asking?  If so, check out The Lipstick Librarian.  This library fashionista is sure to change yoru wardrobe right around!  In case of Library Fashion Emergency, please read the TIPS section for a quick fashion fix.

My dearest of blog readers, you all know it is my heart's desire to star in a  silly library commercial.  Maybe... just maybe... one day, @ Your Library will spotlight me in their blog. Each Friday, they show off a few library videos from around the world.  They also do other things, but I know this is what YOU would find most important of all.

Deluxe Librarian Action FigureWant to have an action figure in your very own image???  Follow the Great Nancy Pearl, and MAYBE she will give you tips and hints on how she did it.  Her action figure and the Super Chriss Super Hero figure will soon be doing their own silly library commercial.  Stay tuned for details.

Now my dearest of readers, I know that there are MANY more librarian blogs and sites of note out in the world.  As I was doing my HOURS of research JUST FOR YOU(!!!), I kept careful note of each one and compiled an exhausted list of all of them that had been updated at least once within the last 9 months.  I will update it as I find more.  Enjoy...  Librarian Blogs.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Program to Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Plus Size Banana CostumeHaving already perfected the arts of Story Time, Shhhhing, Reader's Advisory, Librarian Pranking, the Banana Chant, I have decided to share my wondrous talents help Marilyn come up with adult programming ideas.  

During finals week, students at NYU gather at the law library and dance WITHOUT music for 60 seconds....  They do it for a full week and have themes each time.  ("Party in the USA," "Awkward Dance Moves," "Dirty Dancing," etc.)  WHY?  Let's off steam, keeps them from falling asleep, future lawyers need to practice their dance moves, adrenaline start pumping again,....  

There is NO sound to this video, so it can be watched with full effect on desk.

So, Marilyn, how we should do this program....

  • Steal the Russ Mobile and hang a disco ball and strobe lights in the Quiet Reading Room.
  • Each night... say at 7:45... lower the ball and start the lights.
  • Start the Conga Line, the Tush Push, or maybe even the Banana Chant with positioning dancing patrons close to the glass walls.
  • Dance for 5 mins.  (1 min is not REALLY enough to get the adrenaline pumping again.)
Dr Pepper Diversion Safes Now, I know you're thinking, CHRISS, JUST HOW MUCH DR. PEPPER HAVE YOU DRUNK TODAY????   (Only 1 glass... so far.)  But think about all of the community members driving by who would get curious and come into the library to check us out and join in with their own dancing moves.  We could be like Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act.  Pretty soon, all of the study tables will be packed, no Sister Actbooks will be left on the shelves, we'll run out of new library cards... and all because of starting a Silent Library Dance Party during finals week.

Please, dear readers, let Marilyn know by posting below just how much you want to show all of Broadway your boogie moves while helping students get through those long hours of studying.  And MAYBE if we become famous enough Nancy Pearl will invite us to DANCE for her much the same way Whoopi was invited to sing for the Pope.


The library would be in CHAOS without the shelvers. In this library commercial, library shelvers explain the ins and outs of the shelving system.  Can't you just see Sharon and Sheryl hamming this one up (wearing pink boas of course)?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Library Dance Videos???

First Betty Glover gave us her infamous library workout video.  But now librarians from Worthington, OH, are trying to teach us how to dance to Michael Jackson songs???  I think we can pass on trying to recreate this "masterpiece."  Stephens College may laugh us out of town if we tried..., but it is good for a laugh or two.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Mo Willems in the New Year

You heard it here first.  Mo Willems JUST announced on his blog... 

Cat the Cat, Who Is That?Twenty Ten also looks to be an exciting year at the Mo Willems Studio with a multitude of new books coming out, including the final volume of the Knuffle Bunny Trilogy, more Elephant and Piggie, a new series about Cat the Cat and her friends, and a picture book illustrated by the great Jon J Muth.

(Ok, if you're Hollis, you probably already knew.  But I can give a 92.8% guarantee that I was the first to tell everyone else.)

 Though I am VERY sad he did not announce a new PIGEON book.  **sigh**

He also stated that there will be a new musical production premiering at the Kennedy Center, but it's about Knuffle Bunny and NOT my beloved Pigeon.

Cavemen at the Library

Apparently even cavemen knew to ask a librarian when they had a question....

Wonder if the commercial will now say "Ask a Librarian.  So easy even a caveman can do it."  **snicker**
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