Sunday, January 3, 2010

Program to Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Plus Size Banana CostumeHaving already perfected the arts of Story Time, Shhhhing, Reader's Advisory, Librarian Pranking, the Banana Chant, I have decided to share my wondrous talents help Marilyn come up with adult programming ideas.  

During finals week, students at NYU gather at the law library and dance WITHOUT music for 60 seconds....  They do it for a full week and have themes each time.  ("Party in the USA," "Awkward Dance Moves," "Dirty Dancing," etc.)  WHY?  Let's off steam, keeps them from falling asleep, future lawyers need to practice their dance moves, adrenaline start pumping again,....  

There is NO sound to this video, so it can be watched with full effect on desk.

So, Marilyn, how we should do this program....

  • Steal the Russ Mobile and hang a disco ball and strobe lights in the Quiet Reading Room.
  • Each night... say at 7:45... lower the ball and start the lights.
  • Start the Conga Line, the Tush Push, or maybe even the Banana Chant with positioning dancing patrons close to the glass walls.
  • Dance for 5 mins.  (1 min is not REALLY enough to get the adrenaline pumping again.)
Dr Pepper Diversion Safes Now, I know you're thinking, CHRISS, JUST HOW MUCH DR. PEPPER HAVE YOU DRUNK TODAY????   (Only 1 glass... so far.)  But think about all of the community members driving by who would get curious and come into the library to check us out and join in with their own dancing moves.  We could be like Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act.  Pretty soon, all of the study tables will be packed, no Sister Actbooks will be left on the shelves, we'll run out of new library cards... and all because of starting a Silent Library Dance Party during finals week.

Please, dear readers, let Marilyn know by posting below just how much you want to show all of Broadway your boogie moves while helping students get through those long hours of studying.  And MAYBE if we become famous enough Nancy Pearl will invite us to DANCE for her much the same way Whoopi was invited to sing for the Pope.


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