Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Facebook : Not My Favorite

Facebook is only good for one thing... trying to beat Heather's husband Ira (who does not wear a red clown nose and did not used to work at CPL) at Hatchlings.  I have tried many atimes at trouncing him.  Unfortunately, he has a faster Internet connection... and more ways to plot my Hatchlings demise.  BUT one of these days, that boy is going down.  Mwah ha ha!

As for libraries on social media sites.... It totally depends on how they use the space....

Good Ways For Libraries to Use Facebook
  • Create a fan page for their favorite story time lady.  **cough cough**
  • Getting more people to nominate me for the I Love My Librarian Award.  I KNOW that all of you have already nominated me, but others may not know how to do this... and we don't want them to feel bad just because they did not know.... 
  • Inviting people to bring their favorite library workers bribes... um... tributes... like cookies.
Unfortunately, with as many good ways to use social media, there are many bad ways.  I've seen a Shelfari account by a teen services library tell readers tell teens who read chick lit that such books are stupid and worthless....  Aren't we supposed to be non-judgmental???

IMHO there are much better social media outlets than
Facebook... like Twitter.  Twitter is always good to let the fans know about special programs and such... (like my awesome tea party).  One of our favorite story time dads even uses it to post pics and videos of us rocking it out.  (Doesn't Liz look cute at our Valentine's Day Tea Party???)

Truth be told though, I really wish the library would disable Facebook, Myspace, and such sites out at the desks.  More times than I can count, I've seen status updates from Periodicals or Tel Ref or seen coworkers ignore patrons just so as that they could read up on friends' latest dramas.

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