Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Help Make Me a Superhero!

See? I already have the superhero outfit!
Apparently Gale/Centerage Learning (aka the most powerful library database people) heard my plea to become a Library Superhero Action Figure. Unfortuantely Gale's unable to just give me the award. They need YOU to nominate me. 

What happens if I win? They make me into a cartoon superhero librarian(!), put me on a lunchbox AND superhero trading cards. (I know.... It's like Oh. My. God!!! exciting.)

Batgirl Adult MediumSo, what do you need to do.... Go to Are You a Librarian Superhero, give them my name (Chriss), where I work (Columbia Public Library) and why you think I'm Da Bombdigity and should have my own superhero lunchbox... staring me... Super Chriss.

Ok, so the "official directions are...
3.     To participate: Visit the Are You a Librarian Superhero Facebook Web page www.gale.com/superhero Post your nomination for an outstanding librarian (each a “Nominee”) on our wall, including: the Nominee’s name; where they work; and what makes them exceptional. Include how this person makes a difference for the community and patrons, and how the library is improved because of their process or presence (each posting, an “Entry” and each participant posting a Nominee, an “Entrant”).

I'll leave it up to you to explain just why I'm the most awesomest....

Remember, only you can make me into a Superhero Lunchbox.... 

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