Friday, June 24, 2011

When Sarah and Hilary Go to New Orleans Without Us

Don't Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus - Plush Stuffed Animals (with Voice)I begged pleaded threw a temper tantrum à la Pigeon asked nicely for Sarah and Melissa to let me attend ALA in New Orleans this year. But much to my disappointment, it was a no. **dramatic sigh** I mean after all, I actually understand Creole and could have played translator! **humph** AND I could have met MO WILLEMS!!!!!!!!!!!! (<----main reason for wanting to go to ALA)

Though much to my surprise, today I learned I was not the only disappointed one left behind. After getting back from my storytime on Junior sans Junior and sans Driver Jim which caused much disappointment among the young children who couldn't believe I would DARE come AGAIN without MR. JIM!!!!!, I discovered both Mortimer and Sally were also disappointed. Mortimer decided to help Jim and I sticker books in Sarah's office... but he soon got bored and decided to help Sarah get caught up with her work while she was gone.

Mortimer answered Sarah's emails...,
 ... tried getting Mo's agent on the line for a personal appearance...,

 ... got Sarah caught up on a little paper work...,

... tried his hand at redecorating...,

... and got a bit of lunch. (He did a lot of work for one little puppet!)

 Meanwhile, Sally was missing Hil just a little. She even accidently pulled out a little hair, but we're not going to mention that!

 A few tour requests came in.
 Junior got back from the garage, so she helped out with storytime. Unfortunately, she got a few too many ideas from the book she read....

 Uh, oh!
 Thank goodness she's too short to see over the steering wheel!

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