Friday, January 8, 2010

My Dearest of Blog Readers

Barbie I Can Be ¿ Rock Star DollYou may remember a recent blog post where a certain Brandy proclaimed my excellence and named me, **tear** yes, ME dear readers, a ROCK STAR! Of course, I humbly acknowledge this as fact.

A few days ago, Brandy again reached out and asked that I use my Super Rock Star status for the good of librarians everywhere. She pleaded that I find at least 3 library related sites that can help them, too, try and achieve my level of greatness. I spent HOURS searching the web over for the best of the best to help my para and pro colleagues in their hour of need.  For easiest of access, please remember to add each of these sites to your RSS Reader.  From them, you shall gain more leanring than all of your years combined of library science classes. 

Reader's Advisory: An Unshelved CollectionIf colleagues proclaim shock upon you cracking more than one joke per week, proceed to check out Dewey's pearls of wisdom IMMEDIATELY.  This teen services librarian shows the lighter side of the library world.

Fashionista WigAre you stuck in a fashion rut?  Is your closet filled with old cardigans and tasselled loafers?  Do people know that you're a librarian without even asking?  If so, check out The Lipstick Librarian.  This library fashionista is sure to change yoru wardrobe right around!  In case of Library Fashion Emergency, please read the TIPS section for a quick fashion fix.

My dearest of blog readers, you all know it is my heart's desire to star in a  silly library commercial.  Maybe... just maybe... one day, @ Your Library will spotlight me in their blog. Each Friday, they show off a few library videos from around the world.  They also do other things, but I know this is what YOU would find most important of all.

Deluxe Librarian Action FigureWant to have an action figure in your very own image???  Follow the Great Nancy Pearl, and MAYBE she will give you tips and hints on how she did it.  Her action figure and the Super Chriss Super Hero figure will soon be doing their own silly library commercial.  Stay tuned for details.

Now my dearest of readers, I know that there are MANY more librarian blogs and sites of note out in the world.  As I was doing my HOURS of research JUST FOR YOU(!!!), I kept careful note of each one and compiled an exhausted list of all of them that had been updated at least once within the last 9 months.  I will update it as I find more.  Enjoy...  Librarian Blogs.


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