Monday, December 28, 2009

Nancy Pearl's My Hero

Deluxe Librarian Action FigureI love Nancy Pearl. I've only read a few chapters of Book Lust. I typically don't read articles about her. I've never heard her speak. BUT I idolize her. WHY? She has her own action figure!  Who wouldn't like that?

So over the last few days, I've been writing out my New Year's resolution. The list includes writing a certain number of articles for eHow and lenses on Squidoo, keeping up with my blog posts, getting the starring role in a silly library commercial and getting my own Super Chriss action figure. In my head, it looks like what I wore for the Superhero Dress Up Day.... You know....The day that Marlene and I dressed up as superheroes United Way fundraiser..., and patrons kept looking at me weirdly. (Ok, the always look at me weirdly, but you know... pink feather wig, black cape, tulle skirt, superhero mask, pink Super Fly Grover tee.)

So going back to my idolization of Nancy Pearl and thus my desire for my own action figure.... In my head, I play "Nancy Pearl" like most little kids play Barbie. "Nancy Pearl vs the Loud Teenagers." "Nancy Pearl Ssshhhh's Palin." (Nancy NEVER would have stood up to a certain grouchy ex-Governor and refused to weed out "controversial" books. She would have stood up in that meeting and given a great big "Shhhhhhhh!")

Maybe when I get my action figure, Superhero Chriss and Nancy Pearl can star in a silly library commercial TOGETHER. **sigh** I dream BIG.

QUIZ: Anyone know the other (fictional) librarian that has her own action figure?  Click here for the answer....


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