Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Betty Glover's Library Workout Video

Upon being hired at the library, I was warned that librarians LOVE to eat. Bringing snacks is not necessary as there are always cookies, cakes, and Steve's homemade salsa waiting in the bullpen for us all to enjoy. Sarah even keeps chocolate in her office in case we need that sugar rush and can't make it upstairs. No wonder associates usually gain 10-20 lbs their first year.

I tried in vain to ignore cakes, muffins, bagels, and treats eagerly calling my name but was unable to resist all of the temptations. I tried going to the gym to lose the excess weight but don't really have the time as the library takes most of my waking hours each day. I could be like Director Melissa and walk the back stairs when needing a moment to stretch my legs, but that is really her domain.

Then Otter introduced me to Betty Glover the ultimate librarian fitness guru. With the help of Ms. Glover, I have learned to sweat with the book cart, staple with pizazz, and aerobisize when shelving... and the weight has just melted off. Get your copy of Betty Glover's Library Workout Video for only $69.95!!! Catch a sneak peak before ordering, and you, too, will be amazed that you can get this golden gem for so cheap. Order quickly as supplies are limited.


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