Monday, December 21, 2009

Library Dance Party

I think everyone has gotten that the main purpose of my blog (aside from homework of course) is to get Melissa to let me star in a silly library commercial. (Hello! Who wouldn't want to be a rock star library super star?!?!?!?) I've worked very hard to find the best super rock star silly library commercials that could easily star ME and in the process become addicted to YouTube. So for my "homework," I decided to check out their competition. I'm sure that no one's shocked that YouTube got 1st place. (Duh!) 2nd place went to BBC iPlayer and 3rd to MetaCafe.

I was HIGHLY disappointed in MetaCafe. They are riddled with ad landmines and every other video started with a 15-30 sec commercial. If I wanted that, I would watch more tv. Plus, their quality is far inferior to my beloved YouTube. Most of the videos appear severely depixilated when comparing them to one's posted elsewhere. Don't believe me? Check out Library Dance Party by Supermac18 on both channels. Both were submitted by the original artist, so in theory, they should be of the same quality. Guess again....

Library Dance Party - Amazing videos are here

As far as the BBC iPlayer goes, they disallow their tv show videos to be played outside of the UK. **sigh** I was excited to be able to watch some of my favorite silly BBC shows in their native language, but it wasn't to be. (Anyone who thinks Americans and Brits speak the same language has never been spent real time with real Londoners. Every time I talked to a non-tourist worker, I had to ask them to repeat themselves at least 3 times. "Take away" still cracks me up. **grin**)

Other video database sites:
eHow videos (They recently bought Expert Village.)
Godtube (Christian only)
MySpaceTV Videos

Hulu (watch TV shows, movie reviews and trailors, and more... also searches ABC, NBC, Fox, etc. videos)

Seem a little overwhelming? Go to Google Video, and they will search most of the video sites... and a few more than I have listed. Who doesn't love Google?

So that we can stick with the true purpose of this blog, Melissa, I think I can dance just as well as Supermac18... though I would prefer to change the song. This one (while funny), doesn't really work with my personality as well as most silly songs....


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