Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm a ROCK STAR!!!

So last week, I received the following email:

Dear Chriss,

Rock Star Rhinestud Womens Scoop Neck T-ShirtCongratulations!  You are a ROCK STAR!!!  Seriously.  Emmys, MTV Awards, Bloggies, Nobel Peace Prizes are all in your future.  Trophies shall soon be overflowing your shelves.  Librarians the world over shall be requesting your autograph.  Hollywood will be making movies of your rise to success.  Legions of groupies shall be screaming your name!  I bow to your greatness.

P.S. Can I have your autograph?

Ok, so MAYBE I embellished just a TEENY TINY bit, but not much.  I promise.  The phrases "officially elevated to Rock Star status" and "attracting groupies" were definitely in there.

So... I'm now officially accepting groupies.  Please submit an essay of 500 words or less of why you would like to be my groupie.  Pictures are also welcome.

Ways to promote my rock starness:
    I Love Chris Light T-Shirt
  • Make "I HEART Chriss" posters, stickers, tshirts, etc.  Feel free to put them on Zazzle so fellow groupies can find them as well.  Not great at creating graphics?  No worries.  Get this tee from Amazon and just sharpie in the extra "s."  Other acceptable phrases...
    • Chriss Rocks!
    • Esme: Cutest Puppy in the World
    • I want to be like CHRISS when I grow up.
    • Chriss's Groupie
  • Make a Fanatic Squidoo lens, blog post, or whole website discussing me.
  • Write a Rock Star Chriss skit.  Perform it at Staff Day.
  • Design a Super Chriss Superhero action figure.
  • Post a vlog on YouTube discussing my greatness.  Rave.
  • Send tributes.  I appreciate homemade cookies, pink boas, photo collages of my greatness, etc.
  • Be creative.
P.S. Brandy, the autographed photo is in the mail.


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