Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dolly Helps Do Story Time

Plush Shark Stage PuppetLiz and I had preschool story time today. Our topic was sea life… but could have easily been titled “When Sharks Attack.” (Even after finding out it was a mouse that sank the boat, one girl was INSISTENT that a shark snuck up and bit a hole in the bottom of the boat and thus making it sink.)
Now Dolly being a good house guest SHOULD have been a good girl, hung out with the puppets in the work room, and not caused any problems while I did story time. **rolls eyes** Forget that. We’re talking Dolly here. We unlocked the doors to let the kids inside, and does anyone want to take a wild guess as to who walked in? 

You got it.

I didn’t have time to take her back to the work room, so I plopped her down in the audience and told her to behave. 

She didn’t. Surprise. Surprise.

First, she decides she needs to be on the stage… and actually in the story. Dolly, there are no little girls in Who Sank the Boat. There’s a cow, a donkey, a sheep, a pig, and a mouse. No little girls. **deep breath** THANKFULLY we hadn’t started yet, so I sat Dolly down a little FURTHER away from the stage and told her to BEHAVE…. 


The first story was Mitch the Fish. You know the one where Mitch says:
I’m Mitch the Fish.
I swim and I swish.
I can change my color
If I wish.

Well, it came time for Mitch to meet the lobster so he could turn red.  


Anyone want to guess where I found it?

That’s right.

Does anyone have any Dolly sized handcuffs I could borrow for the rest of the week?

Oh, and if anyone needs a silly shark song to do for preschool story time, an adapted version of Baby Shark goes over well. (Yes, that is Liz and me rocking it out… sans Dolly.)


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