Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dolly Misses Mommy

Now we all know that Dolly’s mommy Pam is one crafty lady. My girls absolutely love Pam’s recycled bottle dog toys. Feeling a little homesick, Dolly asked to come with me to my Yarn Party craft program where we teach kids how to knit and crochet. Knowing it was something her mommy would enjoy, she thought learning a new craft might make her feel better.

My friend Kirsten volunteers for the program (and has the patience of a saint), so I asked her to teach Dolly how to crochet during a slow point. We learned a few things... the most important of which is that thumbs are important when crocheting.... 

It got a little busy and I'm ashamed to say that I lost track of Dolly for a few minutes. Imagine my mortification upon seeing Dolly riding Kirsten's service dog Ruby.  **AGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!**  DOLLY!  Get off Ruby NOW!

Ruby gently reminded Dolly that she is NOT a horsey... or a lion statue... or a tiger statue.... 

Thankfully Ruby is patient with little girls and the two parted friends.  **deep sigh of relief**



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