Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dolly Arrives at the Library

My house guest for the week finally arrived this afternoon!  (For those of you who've not met her before, Dolly is a special doll going on an Aloha Tour of the US raising money for a couple of great charities... Dolly Parton's Imagination Library and The Mark Sandman Music Project.)  

Miss Kitty, Lucy, and Erin sent me a surprise... a book that Miss Kitty wrote, a toy Prius, and a Prius customization kit.  I burst out laughing when I opened it and had to explain a few things to the people around.  Yes, peeps, that is right....  I FINALLY have my Pink eHow Prius.

Dolly arrived right in the middle of a severe thunderstorm.  Dolly was so brave.  I was on the Switchboard at the time, so she took over the monitoring of the Weather Radio.  (It went off more than once.)  She was quite the pro and knew exactly what to do.  I was just glad we didn't have to go down in the basement.  Bad storms, dark basements, AND hundreds of patrons squeezed into small spaces is not the first impression I want to make on my new house guest.

Her talents didn't end there though....  I had to step out for a moment, so she took over the switchboard, TOO! 

Dolly was a little jet lagged.  (A 3 day postal journey is not a walk in the park.)  While I spent a few hours at the Children's Desk signing kids up for  Summer Reading, Dolly asked to relax and catch up on a little email.  Miss Hilary was at KMOS Kids Day, so Dolly stole her computer.  Thank you Hilly!!! I made sure she put back all your stuff where she found it.  =0)

Since the weather's still not great, I'm going to let her catch on her zzz's tonight before we hit the road running tomorrow.  After all dog birthday parties, story time, knitting classes, a star gazing seminar, hiking, visiting the Columns, and a lot more are in her near future.

Stay tuned for more great Dolly fun....


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