Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dolly Goes to College

After story time on Tuesday, Liz started talking to Dolly about her future. Now, I tried to explain that Dolly is only 1 ½ years old, and while she MAY (?!?!?) be advanced for her age, she’s a little young to be planning the rest of her life. Liz disagreed. (I know. I know. I thought Liz was more of a free spirit, too…. Apparently not.)

I had planned to take Dolly out to lunch Tuesday. I had even taken the whole afternoon off work so we could have a little girl time. Dolly had other plans. She adored Liz, so when she found out Liz went to local Stephens College, she INSISTED upon a college visit.

Being all but closed during the summer months, Dolly couldn’t meet with professors or college advisers. That was ok though. She was more interested in their extracurricular activities.

First we checked out Costume Museum. Dolly found a hat she wanted… but couldn’t find a way to open the case and try it on. Thank goodness for padlocks.

Liz had also mention the Penthouse at the library was a relaxing area and quiet place to study. Thank goodness no one else was there because Dolly had other ideas….

Like climbing potted plants…

and channeling her inner Dolly....

When she broke out into Barbra Streisand's “Hello, Dolly,” it was time to say good-bye and find some lunch.

For lunch, we went to The Main Squeeze (a local, organic lacto-ovo vegetarian and vegan restaurant). Dolly ordered vegan chickenless dumplings and a blackberry soda. She may look small, but the girl knows how to eat. Needing something sweet, we headed across the street to Sparky’s for ice cream. The cashier even remembered her from her previous visit. **sigh** Now she thinks she’s a celebrity.

BTW, cool fact about Stephens… students are allowed to keep pet dogs and cats in their dorm rooms. Past students have even taken advantage of this perk to foster homeless dogs for a local animal shelter. Read more about it in a recent New York Times article.


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