Monday, August 23, 2010

Superhero TWIN

Ok, I have a slight confession to make. This blog post has NOTHING to do with libraries or silly songs.

So, um, recently, I've become addicted to YouTube. Aside from Dr. Pepper, I don't think I've ever been addicted to anything before, so as far as addictions go, I think this YouTube one is fairly safe. ANYWAY... I found this cool new band called Sons of Admirals. FYI: Their names references Here Comes My Babyan old English theater troop. They only have one song together, but all 4 guys are teens and record independently and YouTube silly stuff fairly often.

ANYWAY Does anyone find it funny how many times I say "ANYWAY?" Charlie is in charge of their videos and webpage and today released a new video... where he becomes a superhero and wears tights. 

Now my question is... WHY do all these people get to be superheroes, yet I can't get my own Super Chriss action figure? HUH??? Life just doesn't seem fair anymore.


Oh, and my favorite quote from the whole video....
And as someone who has an entire drawer in their bedroom dedicated just to dressing up clothes....

Yep, yet another twin found on YouTube.


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