Sunday, August 1, 2010

If Librarians Had Super Powers

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? from Library Beat on Vimeo.

What would happen if librarians could have a super power? Think they would use it for good?
Librarians at NSLS were asked just that. What super power would you have??? Answers run the gambit from flying to invisibility to "brewing coffee in my mouth." Anyone think Greg has a twin in Illinois? Kinda scary thought, I know.
Well, I already know what my superhero costume would look like. We all know how super fly I look in my pink feather wig, lipstick face mask, and Super Grover Super Fly tee. 

Fancy Nancy Cloth Doll, 18"But as far as super POWERS???
  • Turn into Fancy Nancy at will....
  • Convince Sarah that yes, we really DO need to have the Pigeon Party come to town and perform "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" just for me... and have Mo in the audience... and then the audience would BEG me to do my rendition of DLTPDTB... and then I would get standing ovations... and Hollywood contracts... and Mo would dedicate his next Pigeon book to me.... Mo Willems adores me. It's TRUE, I tell you. A person can't just make this stuff up....
  • Be awarded the I LOVE MY LIBRARIAN award due to thousands of patrons nominating me as the greatest library lady... ever.
  • Oh, yeah, and world peace.
Oooohhhh, then I could get me own action figure....

Would anyone else care to share their own coveted super power?


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